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The Society (Netflix)

Episode Summary

We review the new teen mystery drama, The Society, on The Pilot Podcast. Join us as we discuss Mitu’s history of re-reading Lord of the Flies, how we would survive in the mysterious town, and our critiques of the teenagers choices in this scary situation. Do you think that humanity is destined to fall into chaos or we can remain civilized? All we know is that we wouldn’t trust those other kids and would fend for ourselves.

Episode Notes

Hey Listeners! You'll notice on this episode that our audio sounds a little different than usual. We were trying a new tool and it made us occasionally sound like robots, which is fun but not great for quality. We're sorry and won't be using it again!

When a mysterious and irritating smell permeates the town of West Ham, Connecticut, the Federal Government sends the high school students off on a 10-day camping trip while the problem is dealt with. After departing by bus, the students end up returning to town, being told that the road to the camp is blocked. However, they discover initially that everyone else in town has disappeared, and that while local phones and texting work, they are electronically cut off from the rest of the world.

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