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The Witcher (Netflix), Truth Be Told (Apple TV+), Dare Me (USA Network), Fast and Furious: Spy Racers (Netflix), Deputy (Fox), and Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (Netflix)

Episode Summary

We review The Witcher (Netflix), Truth Be Told (Apple TV+), Dare Me (USA Network), Fast and Furious: Spy Racers (Netflix), Deputy (Fox), and Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (Netflix) on this episode of The Pilot Podcast!

Episode Notes

Monsters and Cars and Stars, Oh My!

00:49 - The Witcher (Netflix)
07:23 - Truth Be Told (Apple TV+)
14:33 - Dare Me (USA Network)
23:43 - Fast and Furious: Spy Racers (Netflix)
31:05 - Deputy (Fox)
40:40 - Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show (Netflix)

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Episode Transcription

Mitu 0:10
Welcome to the pilot podcast

BJ 0:11
where we watch the pilot episodes of TV shows to answer your question. Should I watch this?

Mitu 0:16
My name is me too.

BJ 0:18
And my name is BJ

Mitu 0:19
And this week we're kicking off a new format for our show where we review even more shows in a single episode to cover more ground for you our listeners.

BJ 0:28
So stay tuned to hear our opinions on the Witcher, truth be told, dare me, fast and furious spy racers, deputy, and astronomy club: the sketch show

Mitu 0:38
And we won't be insulted too much if you fast forward to the show that you want to learn most about but we do hope you check it all out

BJ 0:46
Timestamps will be in the show notes.

Mitu 0:48

BJ 0:48
So let's get started with the Witcher on Netflix

Mitu 0:52
Beej, what were your thoughts?

BJ 0:54
So this is a really cool fantasy series and I thought it was great to see Henry Cavill back in the leading role since the kind of cancelled the Superman movies, and I liked his action scenes, I want to see more magic. And I think this is a cool start. What did you think? What were your first impressions?

Mitu 1:12
So I feel like I talked about my partner every time we bring up a fantasy or a sci fi show, but he loves the Witcher games. And so he was incredibly interested in watching this so I waited to watch the pilot episode with him and he loved it. And I thought that for people who are not experienced in the Witcher, which is me, then the show does a pretty decent job of world building so you understand basic characters, their backgrounds, and where the story is likely going.

BJ 1:43
So did you feel like you were really brought into this world well enough? Because we have to be introduced to a whole kingdom of Cintra and the Kingdom of Nilfgaard. We're getting hints about magic, we're seeing monsters, we're seeing wars, a princess on the run. There is a lot to take in, in this first episode.

Mitu 2:02
That's true. I certainly did get confused a couple of times. But I think with the show coming to Netflix, they intentionally made this first episode easier to follow for the majority of viewers who are likely like me and lack the background knowledge on the Witcher. And I like that we can get into this a little bit the discussion of his role, which the Witcher is a sort of mutant human monster for hire who kills monsters, and we get to immediately start exploring the theme which I think they'll do throughout the series of what makes a monster and he's so neutral because he's a killer for hire that his lens is helpful to view the show because he has a neutral perspective.

BJ 2:47
Yeah, and that neutrality is interesting because it ties to his character. We're told by a sorcerer he meets Stregobor that witchers and that's what Geralt is, he is a witcher, have no emotions. They don't feel anything.

Mitu 3:00
Yes. And I think if you're introducing me to several concepts and themes that I'm unfamiliar with, I guess a neutral set of black eyes are the helpful way to view this world.

BJ 3:14
Can we pause and just talk about Henry Cavill was so committed? He wore those contact lenses that physically damaged his eyeballs.

Mitu 3:22
Y'all, we could take a sidestep into lesson town. Don't ever give all of yourself to a job, especially not your corneas. Don't do that. It's not worth it.

BJ 3:34
Agreed. So did you have any other favorite performances of people who gave all of themselves or maybe like 95%?

Mitu 3:41
So I do want to take a second to say that Henry Cavill was great in this role. I read a review that specifically talked about his voice as the Witcher because he captures the energy from the game narration so well, and I just thought he was so good in this role as this gruff guy who has the soft moments and let's on that the Witcher is probably not as neutral as we think. I also loved princess Ciri, who were about to see do great things in future episodes, I think and her grandmother, the queen.

BJ 4:13
Yeah. And I think that brings up something cool that I liked about the show, even though it's called The Witcher and it's about Geralt. The creators aren't afraid to go down these kind of simultaneous storylines. So we do spend a lot of time with Geralt meeting Renfri and going on those adventures, but then also princess Ciri and dealing with the Cintra Kingdom having to go into battle. Now it's going to seemingly come together but they're not afraid to let the storylines diverge.

Mitu 4:43
He will likely connect with Syria in the forest and then their missions will align. But I didn't mind seeing Nilfgaard invading princess Ciri's Kingdom at the same time that the Witcher sets out on his own mission. I certainly didn't mind those dual story lines and I thought it was cleanly done. Because if we keep it real Game of Thrones' first couple episodes were mess. It's hard to introduce a bunch of fantasy elements at once, especially when you're dealing with an audience that is unfamiliar, that lacks the contextual knowledge.

BJ 5:16
I agree. There's a lot to take in. Fortunately, because we were reviewing it, we took notes, but I also think it's still accessible to people who aren't familiar with this world from the books or the video games. And there are really appealing characters, even small ones like Milka, who I thought was really fun. And so you will just kind of gravitate to certain characters and that will pull you deeper into this world with its deep mythology.

Mitu 5:43
If you like the games, there's a lot there for you because my partner, like I said, is obsessed with the video games and got a lot out of the show. And even though I enjoyed the pilot, he still could too with all of the different easter eggs and references like there's significance in them choosing the town of Blaviken. There is significance in them choosing certain settings and having them interact with certain characters. And so he enjoyed it too.

BJ 6:08
And one quick thing before we go into our rating, just as a warning to all of our listeners, there's a lot of violence and gore and blood.

Mitu 6:15
Yes, monster blood and other people's blood. I for my fellow babies, as I often shout them out, I had to hide under a blanket for 30% of this episode.

BJ 6:27
Like they really go at it. What they're able to do with the sword, impressive. So let's head into our final ratings for the Witcher on Netflix

Mitu 6:37
Beej, what would you give it?

BJ 6:38
I would give it would watch again seriously.

Mitu 6:40
Wow, okay.

BJ 6:42
I'm typically not a fantasy genre type of person with the medieval vibes. But this was really cool. And I don't know how else to describe it. This was just a cool show with cool characters in a cool world

Mitu 6:54
dope. I think that I wouldn't watch again but given you being one of my closest friends, always being at my home and living with someone who is obsessed with the Witcher. I have no choice. So that is my rating.

BJ 7:10
Awesome. You're looking forward to the next episode.

Mitu 7:13
Let's calm down on looking forward. But for people who like sci fi and fantasy, especially for people who have enjoyed the Witcher games, I think you'll like this show. So speaking of violence and monsters, let's talk about another show that talks about monsters that you liked a lot.

BJ 7:29
Yeah, so Truth Be Told on Apple TV Plus, I think combined a lot of things that I've been into lately: podcasts, True Crime, profiling, and a good murder mystery. And I thought this was pretty compelling, where they were asking the question of what is a monster in the case of this Warren Cave murder trial, and also the idea of redemption with Poppy asking herself did my article "a profile of a monster" actually put the wrong person in jail. And that's a question people are always asking, was he actually innocent? And so I really like the setup for this because as Papi says the truth is never as dangerous as a lie in the long run, and we got to find out did the truth actually get out there.

Mitu 8:15
So as background on the mystery at the center of this show, Chuck Berman was killed in his home and one of his twin daughters says that she witnessed their neighbor's 16 year old son Warren cave jumped the fence back to his home from their yard in the middle of the night, likely at the time that Chuck was killed. And so Poppy, played by Octavia Spencer starts a series of articles calling this kid a monster. And she's nervous that her framing of the story helped get the kid tried as an adult and put him in prison for 19 years. And now she's wondering, did he do it because some new evidence comes out. And this isn't a heavy spoiler because it's revealed in the first maybe two three minutes of the show that it's likely the witness testimony was coerced out of Lanie who claimed she saw Warren leaving her yard that night. And now Poppy is feeling guilt about that because the entire case hinged on Lanie's eyewitness testimony.

BJ 9:17
Yeah, so now she's kind of revitalizing this story to see if she can find something new, maybe give a new perspective with a new True Crime podcast Reconsidered, very appropriate title. And it even leads to her now talking to Warren Cave and I think that's where we really get to see some cool elements in the performances. when Poppy and Warren are having conversations, and it also gives us as the viewers a chance to ask the question is Warren a monster? and not just did he commit this murder. Is he a monster because he's a Nazi? Is he a monster becauuse we find out he goes, quote unquote, hunting in the Buhrman house which is separate from murdering, and they're these really tense dramatic moments. And I think that really brings intrigue to the show kind of heightens the situation. And that contrasts well with Poppy's personal life outside of this whole reconsidered case.

Mitu 10:17
Yes, there is family drama. But first, I want to say that you touched on this but Aaron Paul and Octavia Spencer have incredible chemistry. I wrote in my notes, put them in things together. I don't care if it's a comedy, I don't care if it's another drama. I don't care if it's another show about a true crime podcast, whatever it is, those two people play off each other so well, and I'm just surprised by their chemistry, it's palpable.

BJ 10:40
Yeah, they are what's selling this show.

Mitu 10:43
Yes. And so back to the family drama, Beej, fill us in

BJ 10:46
You know, it's very typical. She has her sisters and her dad. No one really understands what a journalist does. So she's not getting that respect. And there's also this subplot where her dad remarried, a woman who's younger than her and her sisters,

Mitu 11:01
y'all will recognize her as Tami Roman from Basketball Wives, Instagram and the Bonnet Chronicles.

BJ 11:07
And she might be keeping secrets about the true status of the health of Poppy's dad. He might be going through some dementia or something similar to that. And clearly she's not putting in the time with her family and would rather focus on this new story that she's interested in.

Mitu 11:23
And I thought with all of the family drama with her family, her partner Ingram who is encouraging her to leave everything alone and just, you know, not choose the most stressful route with her podcast and her family and with also Warren Cave's family life of his mom Melanie, played by Elizabeth Perkins, who does as good a job as you can with just the trope of mom of suffering son. I think that there are too many storylines, and I would rather build the intrigue around this central mystery and then Poppy and Warren play off each other more because also building up their relationship could be cool.

BJ 12:06
I 100% agree. I think they could streamline the show by cutting out the storyline of Poppy's family drama.

Mitu 12:14
I think they could have trimmed that completely.

BJ 12:17
Yeah, her husband is all the family we need to see

Mitu 12:19
Even him. She could just be in the same way that they do with women often in movies like this where men are cops or detectives or investigators in any sense. Just oh my gosh, baby be safe. And that's it. That's all I need him to do.

BJ 12:35
He could just be a voice on the phone. Which would probably be an iPhone because Poppy also use Beats headphones, and an Apple MacBook Air

Mitu 12:44
Yes, Apple plug. No, I don't need Ingram to be just a voice on the phone because he was fine.

BJ 12:51
So do you want to head into our final ratings and talk more about what interests you or doesn't about this show?

Mitu 12:57
Okay, that's a leading question.

BJ 12:58
It is.

Mitu 13:00
My final rating for the show. I think I would watch it again maybe casually. I think the acting is incredible for the script given Lizzy Caplan was also great on the show. She plays both twins who witnessed or think that they witnessed Warren jumping the fence. But we've seen the crime drama storyline so many times and I think my expectations were a little bit higher for something featuring Octavia Spencer, Aaron, Paul, Lizzy Caplan and other like amazing actors, but it's fine. So I think I would watch again, casually, I'm interested enough to know who killed the guy. It's made so clear that it's not Warren within the first two minutes. So I'm interested enough to at least know what happens there. If you want an actually very, very, very well done True Crime sort of parody, then I would watch American Vandal on Netflix.

BJ 13:57
Interesting. I would say people should say stick with Truth Be Told, I really liked it and would watch again seriously, I felt this take on true crime is very compelling. And it reminded me of the first time I listened to Serial. Like after that first episode, I was ready. I didn't really understand the hype until I listened to it. And I think with this show, you need to watch it to really get what it's about. But, then you'll be ready to find out more about this Warren Cave case.

Mitu 14:27
I certainly want to know who done it. They've done that job well.

BJ 14:31
yeah, that's their only job.

Mitu 14:33
Speaking of who done it. We watched another show that starts off with a murder very How to Get Away with Murder style.

BJ 14:40
Yeah, Flash forwards

Mitu 14:42
Dare Me on USA Network featuring cheerleaders,

BJ 14:45
Cause that is the perfect combination, murder and cheerleaders.

Mitu 14:49
I mean, we laugh but not to give away our review or our rating. This show was good.

BJ 14:56
It was. it was surprisingly good. Although I think we both went in with very low expectations.

Mitu 15:03
Yes, we both went in with low expectations about the cheerleader murder drama

BJ 15:09
when you say it that way.

Mitu 15:11
So Beej, why don't you give a little background on our cheer squad?

BJ 15:15
Sure. So our main cheerleaders that will be following are Addy and Beth who are best friends and the other main person in this cheer world is going to be their coach Colette and so they live in a small town and Addy is really passionate about cheerleading at the moment. She used to be in the basketball, and she thinks this is going to be her key to getting out of this small town to getting a scholarship to go to a good school. And Beth is also looking to get out of this town more because she's got family drama, divorced parents, toxic relationships, alcoholism, not good. But I think what's really compelling is that all of these characters are very complex. They're not just stereotypical cheerleader that you might think of. And that's probably what surprised us the most is there's depth to everything.

Mitu 16:07
And this show was written by primarily women, directed by primarily women. And I think there are women creators behind it, you can just tell that it was created from that lens. Because often on teen shows they can't wait to strip down the characters and it feels like the male gaze of Oh gross, even though these actors are 25 I'm staring at what are supposed to be hot 15 year olds, and that just always feel so icky. And the show while of course, it has things like love scenes and make out sessions and other things that teenagers on shows like this often experience, it doesn't feel like it's from the male gaze, and it doesn't feel gratuitous.

BJ 16:49
Yeah, it's not about Oh, these are the pretty popular girls. Like for example, Beth, she used to be captain of the cheerleading squad, and so you would think that she would be like the one incharge this most popular character, but they don't limit her social status to be simply being like the hot cheerleader. She's the very complicated girl on a downward spiral who's very dependent on her best friend, and who has poor relationships with all of her family members, and was using cheerleading as a way of having strength and control in her life,

Mitu 17:24
which is what made it especially sad when the new coach who was recruited which we can get into that Colette French took the captain position away from Beth saying that there are no captain's anymore because you know that this is all she lives for and that it must have been miserable to see the coach the new coach give attention to her younger half sister who she hates and you'll recognize her half sister Tacy. She's Allison Thornton from girlfriends guide to divorce.

BJ 17:54
And I think a cool thing since we're talking about the cheer team, the cast did a lot of the stunts themselves. So unlike Bring It On, yes, a classic movie we all love here we're seeing more realistic cheer performances and routines.

Mitu 18:09
So two thoughts on that one, everyone in the world in the universe, including aliens need to read Gabrielle Union's book, "we're going to need more wine". It's pregnant and heartwarming, but also so funny and talks about how she was in Bring It On. And she talked about how she can't dance. So they often had to just do super close up shots of her face because she just didn't have a way I don't think the technology existed at the time of just CGIing her face off in someone's body doing the moves. And so if you'll notice, because after reading her book about it, I watched the movie and it is just close tight tight shots of Gabrielle Union space but then also on Dare Me, Marlo Kelly who plays Best and Herizen Guardiola who plays Addy are so talented that they even do their own stunts, not a knock on Gabrielle Union because if you lack the dancing skill, you lack the dancing skill, but they are so good playing complicated teenagers. And so it was just remarkable to hear on top of that, that they are doing all these flips and high kicks. Sseamlessly too

BJ 19:19
They have so many skills. They're going to go far.

Mitu 19:21
Yes. And you'll recognize Addy. She was on the criminally shortlived show on Netflix The Get Down. I would strongly recommend watching her on that she really was a such a heartfelt performance on that show.

BJ 19:35
Okay, I think next we need to talk about the coach Colette and how she is wrapped up in all the small town politics, which is also probably going to lead to whatever mystery the very beginning scene was teasing. What do you think about her and her being hired to come to this town?

Mitu 19:53
So we learn and this is a light spoiler that Beth's Dad helped recruit her because he knew that she was the best coach in the region. And it seems like Colette's husband doesn't like that her star shines so bright everywhere they go. I'm sensing that tension between them. So the interesting part of her character is watching her be this boss with the cheerleaders to an extent that I think is messed up like, and it's good on this show that people are complicated. It shows that people are complicated. So in the same breath that you see her checking Beth's attitude, and doing what she thinks is right for the girls and motivating them. You also see her pinch this tiny little roll of fat on this girl and say you need to lose this and we later see that girl purging.

BJ 20:42
casually in front of her teammates

Mitu 20:45
who helped her purge Yeah, and so you see the dark sides of her work too. But it's interesting to see her dominate those girls and then at home have to dim her shine a little bit for her husband.

BJ 21:00
Yeah, and then even in between that she seems to have a nice mentor trainee relationship with Addy specifically.

Mitu 21:08
I see that going weird places though.

BJ 21:10
Yeah, there's some questionable vibes there because she seems to be singling out Addy

Mitu 21:15

BJ 21:16
Which right now seems innocent because she's giving advice and being supportive

Mitu 21:21
but I can't tell I just don't trust her. I would like to also add that add his mom on the show is the pastor from the show, Kim's Convenience and Kim's Convenience is the perfect sitcom just need to quickly plug that it's on Netflix.

BJ 21:35
Well, aside from that, yes, we have complicated characters. I think we're going to find out a lot of interesting things about Collette. Addy and Beth discover a secret about her at the end of the episode. And there's there's a lot we still have to resolve between Addy and Beth themselves because that is a little

Mitu 21:53
unhinged, but she's also a victim of her circumstances because what an awful home life they really lay that on thick like this. This girl is going through it.

BJ 22:01
Yeah. And her mom who she lives with is doing nothing about it.

Mitu 22:05
So you feel sorry for Beth but you also want her to step it up. And I want everyone to leave Addy alone so she can thrive and leave that town, the only person I trust, which is why I realized I went on that tangent earlier about her mom is her mom for Addy. I don't trust any other influences.

BJ 22:22
So moral of the story root for Addie, hope she survives,

Mitu 22:27
but she's complicated, too.

BJ 22:29
Yeah, she's not innocent either, which makes for a good show.

Mitu 22:32
And I think unlike on Truth Be Told where they introduced, I would argue too many threads on Dare Me they introduced quite a few storylines, but they're all interwoven nicely. So you can tell that whatever conclusion we'll get to see at the end of this series, it won't be complicated. It's all going to come together you just feel it

BJ 22:52
Yeah. And that actually hints at my rating. Want to transition to that?

Mitu 22:55
Yeah, speech what would you rate Dare Me?

BJ 22:58
so I would also watch this show seriously, and what I really like is because it's set in a small town, everyone is connected but not in a like contrived way. It all makes sense. how their careers and jobs and futures involve each other. And I really want to see how they're going to affect each other and lead up to whatever this big event is three months in the future.

Mitu 23:21
I think this show is an exciting take on the typical small town drama. I love that you said that, that it's not contrived. It just makes sense how they're all related. So I would also watch again seriously, I don't know if that's already come across our listeners, but just to confirm it. I am in on Dare Me.

BJ 23:42
Awesome. So do you want to talk about some other reckless behavior?

Mitu 23:45
Yes, you mean wreck filled behavior on Fast and Furious Spy Racers. So Beej, tell our listeners what happened and Fast and Furious Five Spy Racerss an animated show on Netflix.

BJ 24:00
yes, because we do all genres of TV. So this is a spin off of the awesome Fast and Furious franchise.

Mitu 24:08

BJ 24:08
I like the movies.

Mitu 24:10
Oh, really?

BJ 24:10

Mitu 24:11
So you're familiar with the storyline?

BJ 24:13
There's not a strong storyline. The main thing that you need to know is Dom Toretto, played by Vin Diesel is the main character in the movies. And this spinoff is about his younger cousin, Tony toretto. And a big theme and fast and furious is family and sticking together and that bond, and in particular, the Toretto family bond, and you don't have to have the last name Toretto to be a part of the Toretto family.

Mitu 24:41
That makes sense.

BJ 24:42
So in this series, we have Tony and his friend, he has a nice little group of buddies, Frosty Echo and Cisco they're street racers. They keep challenging the kind of bully bad guy character Mitch, and it turned out they're following in the footsteps of Tony's cousin Dom who after being a street racer starts to go on missions for the government and take down bad guys. So now they are teenagers who are working for a mysterious organization Shifter under the guidance of Miss Nowhere. And now they're going to be spies because Dom toretto is to well known to go on this mission so Miss Nowhere is recruiting his cousin and his cousins, friends who are unknown teenagers.

Mitu 25:31
And that's all you need to know. So that's my question about this show their kids, right, who are told to see through this mission?

BJ 25:40
Yes, very kids, three of whom we've seen driving cars, and one of them has specifically said I am not old enough to drive.

Mitu 25:49
Okay. And another thing that surprised me was that Vin Diesel is actually voices his own character. So he's heavily involved in the show.

BJ 25:57
Yes. And he has that weird uncanny valley like animated version of himself

Mitu 26:03
one thing I loved about this show is that the women were the coolest characters in my opinion. I'm not sure if that was an intentional move by executive producer Vin Diesel and Netflix because Echo is this dope spy, Layla runs the races we can get into her a little bit. And then Frosty is this tech genius. And then we have Miss Nowhere who is a cool spy but also hire children to to infiltrate a gang, but it's cool that to me, they're the most compelling characters. The cutest character, in my opinion was Cisco because we both love cupholders. But the women kicked butt.

BJ 26:42
Yeah, I agree. They were strongest characters that came across in this episode, Tony, I think he has all those characteristics of your leading man. But at the same time, it's a little generic right now. Yeah. So hopefully they'll develop him. I didn't actually like his interactions with the bully character, Mitch, because they were all just picking on him and he seemed pretty helpless. I don't really like those type of situations. But my favorite character was definitely Layla gray, who we see at the very end. She's the one running these underground races.

Mitu 27:15
I knew she would be your favorite

BJ 27:16
Was is that?

Mitu 27:17
you love a secretive mysterious character listeners feel free to email in and pile on. BJ always loves the shifty character.

BJ 27:25
I like the person who knows a lot more than everyone else.

Mitu 27:28

BJ 27:29
Seems to be in control.

Mitu 27:30

BJ 27:31
And just has it all together.

Mitu 27:33

BJ 27:33
I'm just finding role models.

Mitu 27:35
I know. I know. I've known you for 10 years now. I know.

BJ 27:38
Anyway, I think one thing that's important to point out is that I didn't even think about this but the car chase scenes aren't as thrilling in an animated format as they are in the movies because I know it's not a real car.

Mitu 27:55
It's so low stakes.

BJ 27:57
Yes. And that might be fine for kids, but for an adult, I don't get that same adrenaline rush I do from seeing real cars driving around,

Mitu 28:06
you know who loves the Fast and Furious franchise real quick, Roxane Gay. So it makes me want to revisit the franchise because she has written one of my favorite books, which is Hunger.

BJ 28:17
They're fun, just full action movies.

Mitu 28:20
I think I've seen one of them.

BJ 28:22
They all make like a billion dollars. Where have you been?

Mitu 28:25
I know there are certain listeners let me know if this is you too, but I think there are certain franchises that I accidentally missed. I haven't ever seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And I've never seen Fast and Furious. I had never seen the Spider Man movies until this Tom Holland kid like I think there were just universes of big franchises that I've missed out on

BJ 28:44
which is really surprising because listeners Mitu goes to the movies a lot,

Mitu 28:49
A lot. I love movies. But going back to the show. Do kids understand even remotely the stakes here? What is the appeal of Fast and Furious for babies? This is seven and up like this is for second graders.

BJ 29:04
They like seeing racing, cool looking cars. Speaking as a former seven year old child. I like seeing cool cars. I liked the idea of being a spy. I think Spy Kids came out when we are around that age.

Mitu 29:19
Oh, I wanted to be a spy so badly. Fun fact, I went to the opening of the spy museum in Washington, DC, and I made my uncle buy me a spy kit. And I would practice drops around Washington DC, which is so wasteful because I would waste things from the kid practicing if I could successfully like surreptitiously drop things for someone else to pick them up.

BJ 29:42
So that definitely appeals to kids in this age group,

Mitu 29:45
but I would have preferred a direct spy joint like Spy Kids. I don't know that I would have gotten sucked into Fast and Furious spy racers.

BJ 29:54
And I think they also like the idea of cool technology. We see drones.

Mitu 29:59
That's true.

BJ 29:59
Talk about the dark web and you know, advanced technology going into all of these cars. They literally put rocket boosters on one of the kids cars.

Mitu 30:10
And again, one of the kids cars,

BJ 30:13
one of the 16 year olds,

Mitu 30:16
They're kids

BJ 30:17
Then have to be at least 16

Mitu 30:20
Yeah, I guess I guess they're at least 16 and one of them isn't.

BJ 30:24
Yeah, that's all we can really say about their age.

Mitu 30:27
So Beej, what would you rate Netflix's Fast and Furious spy racers?

BJ 30:33
You know, I'm gonna give this a would not watch again.

Mitu 30:36
I'd have to agree.

BJ 30:38
But I would just say we are not the target audience.

Mitu 30:41

We no longer or may never have been interested in animated street racing. And we've moved on from wanting to be spies.

One of us has moved on one of us is keeping her options open.

BJ 30:54

Mitu 30:54
but if there are children in your life, this is a fun animated show that you could watch with them and it could still be engaging for adults in the room too.

BJ 31:04

Mitu 31:04
Cool. So speaking of wild driving, reckless policing, relying on the wrong characters to exact justice, let's talk about Fox's Deputy. Beej, can give us a rundown on that one?

BJ 31:17
Sure. So Deputy is about a reckless cowboy turn sheriff and I think that really summarizes the entire show.

Mitu 31:25
It does. There's nothing else we need to say about it.

BJ 31:28
Yeah. So the main character, Bill Hollister, he loves the rugged lifestyle cowboy boots using a revolver instead of the standard issue hand gun, and he just wants to be a hero. I guess he doesn't want to be bogged down by policies and regulations and protocols.

Mitu 31:50
And he's played by True Detective's, Stephen Dorff. And I think the actor given the story in the script he's given does a good job with it, I assume he's being told to play and over the top Western character dropped into the year 2020 to be an LA County cop and he does that.

BJ 32:11
And I think that hits at what I noticed is that all of these characters fit a stereotypical mold. They do it well, the acting is well done, but the actual characters are a little simple with what drives them.

Mitu 32:27
Like for his character, the idea is like BJ said he always wants to be the hero. So the show opens with him in front of a tribunal getting reprimanded for tipping off a community that an ice raid was coming because he declared to the courtroom, we are all immigrants, which is a false statement, but he said that the ice raid and it's a false statement, not because we are anti immigration on this podcast, but not everyone is an immigrant. Some folks are native to this place. So folks were brought here we are not all immigrants. Now. He says that because he says that his job is to fearlessly defend the community. And that includes undocumented people who he doesn't see as needing to have their lives turned upside down by ice. And so he will tip them off every single time and protect them from those mass deportations, but turned around he becomes Sheriff because of an archaic rule that says that the longest serving member of the mounted posse gets sworn in when the sheriff dies in office. And so he is the longest serving member of the mounted posse. And now the unlikely Sheriff of LA County, which is a huge deal. It is the biggest sheriff's office in the country according to Wikipedia, so in the same breath that he's protecting the community from ice raids, he also asks a deputy to shred all of the use of force records on cops because he has the most, and he doesn't want any cop suspended or chained to their desk because of use of force infractions.

BJ 34:08
Yeah, as he says, I like to do dumb things.

Mitu 34:12
That's the theme of the show. I don't want to come out of super anti this show. Okay, but I would like us to talk about your favorite moment, which is his friend Cade and that kid,

BJ 34:22
okay, so we have Cade, it's one of Bill's two close friends who he gives special treatment to

Mitu 34:28
Cade played by Cougar towns, Brian Van Holtz, and Rachel played by Jerico's, Sienna Goins,

BJ 34:35
and we find out that Cade and his wife, they've been trying to conceive, and that adoption is an option and he was a foster child, along with his sister. And so bill, Cade and Rachel find out where the criminal of the week is Oscar. They break into this home, literally a house where people are living and their drugs

Mitu 34:57
and they come in shooting

BJ 35:00
No one shot at them. They open the door throw in like a smoke bomb and then come in shooting

Mitu 35:06
to a residence.

BJ 35:07
Cadee ends up in a bedroom pinning down one of the guys he takes down one of the guys looks over and cowering in the corner is this young boy and girl who turned out to be the children of this man that he's just taken down

Mitu 35:22
in front of them

BJ 35:23
right in front of they saw this whole thing they are scared and then by the end of the episode, Cade and his wife adopt these two children because bill pulled some strings. The kids are so scared I'm sorry guys, this is a long story. It just will show you what this show is really about. The kids are so scared that the boy is staying awake by his sister is sleeping because they don't trust these new parents

Mitu 35:45
because they killed the parent that they know

BJ 35:49
and Cade comes in and is like I get it. You want revenge. You're mad at me but look You're too small and too weak to kill me now and I'm too good. So just live a happy life with us until you grow up and then one day, you'll be strong enough to try and kill me

Mitu 36:06
and that was played for a sentimental moment and a laugh, and in any other setting would have been the beginning of a horror movie,

BJ 36:15
but it was heartwarming. It shows that they're bonding,

Mitu 36:18
you're supposed to giggle like he killed their dad and he might kill them when they turn 18 and attempt to kill him

BJ 36:24

Mitu 36:25
He might wipe out an entire lineage of family,

BJ 36:28
healthy foster relationship.

Mitu 36:31
just silly things that happen on that zany show deputy where they ride in on horses and kill whole families.

BJ 36:40
Can we talk about the horses so there's another scene where Cade is with Bishop and they're going on like the second raid of the episode

Mitu 36:47
Bishop is played by Bex Taylor-Klaus and I think they are the most interesting character on the show.

BJ 36:53
Definitely easily

Mitu 36:54
Yeah, easily.

BJ 36:56
Can you explain to me why riding in on horseback was the most efficient way to save this kidnapped child?

Mitu 37:04
Yeah, because of the roads

BJ 37:05
because of the road?

Mitu 37:06
Yeah. Because of the roads, because you know the roads. So it was easier because of the the not roads that you can go on with horses. Horses can go on anything. They don't need roads. And that's why

BJ 37:17
can human feet going anything?

Mitu 37:19
Well, you don't have four of them.

BJ 37:21
Oh, you write 50/50 heads or tails binary.

Mitu 37:25
That's it. That's another thing. That becomes a cute moment of the show. It's interesting to see Brian Van Holt and this light because I recently watched Cougar Town last year, and he was such a lovable goofball on that show. And on this show, he is taken more seriously, but I think is as dumb as the character on Cougar Town. And one of the themes of the show is he just says everything is a 50/50 chance. It's all binary flip of a coin, even including things that are explicitly explained as not 50/50

BJ 38:00
As the 10% chance that your in vitro fertilization will work

Mitu 38:04
50/50 it's all binary baby.

BJ 38:06
You know what I've just realized

Mitu 38:08

BJ 38:08
we've spoken a lot about Cade. We've spoken a lot about bishop. I think another character that stood out was Joseph. He has an interesting connection to bill. Yeah. You don't have much to say about Bill, the main character.

Mitu 38:21
I just wasn't that interested in bill.

BJ 38:23
Yeah, he's surrounded by more interesting people, including his wife.

Mitu 38:27
Yes, his wife is a surgeon. There are a couple cool moments with her that I will give to deputy where she's not just the long suffering wife of someone who is in a dangerous job. She herself is a surgeon, and she has pushed back on police a couple of times. She pushes back on police a couple of times in this first episode in order to administer proper care, and she's played by Yara Martinez of Jane The Virgin and the tick and so much more. And so she's great in this role. I just wish that she had more and I hope that it's This is only the first episode. So I hope that her character gets developed further as the show progresses. And for Joseph, one of the first things that bill does in the show is where Joseph and as a deputy and we learn that that is Bill's former partners, son, and he gives Joseph the his former partners badge when he swears him in

BJ 39:21
and he was a real star in this episode. He's the one who got all the key information and got beat up to get it.

Mitu 39:27
Yes, unlike the folks who needed tricks and stunts like horses, Joseph actually got the job done. Got the clues got torn up for it

BJ 39:38
saved the life

Mitu 39:39
and made connections that he'll be able to use as he progresses in his policing career.

BJ 39:44
And at the end of all of that trauma and torture bill now says, I can't fire you. You can't quit Joseph, you have to stay on the force now.

Mitu 39:58
Do you want to just rate it?

BJ 39:59
Yeah. Would not watch again.

Mitu 40:01
Me neither. And I don't recommend it to our listeners.

BJ 40:04
I don't recommend it. I can see the appeal. I get why Fox made this but uh, yes, there are better options.

Mitu 40:11
If you like Westerners just watch Gunsmoke. Just watch the classics. I don't think you need to watch this show. If you like folksy hometown heroes, watch one of my favorite shows. The Andy Griffith Show.

BJ 40:23

Mitu 40:24
I love The Andy Griffith Show. I used to be able to the whistle when I was a kid, but now I just don't think that we need deputy.

BJ 40:33
Yeah, they are better hometown heroes. They're better crime dramas. They're just better shows.

Mitu 40:39
So now beej, Let's go to the stars.

BJ 40:42
And by the stars you mean astronomy club The sketch show on Netflix.

Mitu 40:48
Yes. So Astronomy Club was the first project created by the blackish creator Kenya Barris as part of his hundred million dollar Netflix deal and they're in improv group who are doing these sketches ala a black lady sketch show, which is another show I love, which we'll do in our deep dive episode for supporting cast. And they come from Upright Citizens Brigade, which is that improv group that was co founded by Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Matt besser, and other folks.

BJ 41:17
Yeah, so we have a good group of comedians. It's a sketch show like Mitu is subscribing. So you see a lot of fun skits throughout the episode with some moments in between. I think we should just start with our favorite sketches.

Mitu 41:30
Yeah, Beej what was yours.

BJ 41:32
My favorite one was about an organization called dignity and ambition for magical negros

Mitu 41:39
or Damn.

BJ 41:42
And they kind of put a spin on like an AA meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous where these black characters from different movies and TV shows whose only purpose had been to provide advice to the white characters and support the white new narrative are now learning how to be their own lead characters in their own lives.

Mitu 42:05
This scene where they had the guy from Green Mile running through droves of sick white people and refusing to touch them made me laugh so hard. That was one of my first big laughs of watching the show.

BJ 42:18
I thought this was also just a good concept. I personally never would have thought about taking that group of characters

Mitu 42:25

BJ 42:26
and kind of spinning it on how can we make their lives better since all they've been doing is making white people's lives better

Mitu 42:33
It was such an interesting way to put everyone in the same room from the help and Driving Miss Daisy and Green Mile and Poultergeist drive the Driving Miss Daisy seen y'all we don't need to ruin all the jokes but that was funny

BJ 42:47
or the self portrait Okay, so you just need to watch it it's not as funny as we describe everything but that was my highlight Mitu, What was your favorite sketch?

Mitu 42:57
My favorite sketch so damn is up there for me. Well, they were all great, but I have to give it to edge 911 basically the premise of this sketch is this woman has sweat out her edges. Under her wig, she receives emergency trauma care to revive her edges and the doctors around her are debating what to do with her edges. And it's so funny because they fully commit I think that's what you need in sketch shows is these improbable scenarios and so you need them to fully suck you in and for you to believe the stakes and so when they delivered lines, I wrote them down like I will not lose another hairline on my watch. And then when they're debating what to do with the hairline, and if this like milder treatment will hold the woman goes, it is the middle of August, the minute she walks out of here and it just because of the humidity like it won't hold they delivered it with such gravitas and seriousness that I loved it. It made me really really really cackle

BJ 44:08
also another very clever concept.

Mitu 44:10
Yes. And then the other sketches were great too, though, was the one of letting people into the building. So they played on, you know, all of these viral videos. I've experienced this as well in my own day to day life of white people not letting black people into buildings because they don't believe that they're their neighbors. And so they escalate it. So this white woman was hasn't selected members of the Astronomy Club who are all black, but then they were hesitant to let him vampire and he was hesitant to let in a clove of garlic. So it was just funny to see that escalation. It reminded me of the Kimmy Schmidt sketch where Titus found life easier in New York when he was dressed as a werewolf. And then there were other great sketches a play on what happens to gingerbread men in gingerbread homes, and there was this great Robin Hood sketch about a white Robin Hood robbing from rich black family but then it gets complicated from there I don't want to give too much away but they were all really funny.

BJ 45:05
Yeah, a good collection a good strong start but I have to say the strongest element and I think we agree on this was yes in between moments so outside of the sketch performances the whole team are living this mock reality show live in a house together with you know, twin beds that they have to share. And they have their like one on one confessional interviews talking about their day but even spoof like the bachelor and you had your favorite moment with not my favorite character. Do you want to talk about that?

Mitu 45:38
I don't want to give away what happens but y'all Keep your eye on James when you watch this first episode, because the conclusion reminded me of something BJ would do and that's all I'll say. That's why he was my favorite. You and I both love Monique and I loved Ray, but I thought that those interstitials of them playing that reality show spoof And in the one on ones all of them had different interpretations for why their sketch group was called astronomy club. I thought that was a funny running joke. What was your favorite line again, from that?

BJ 46:11
were black and all stars and like most stars, nobody knows our name. So we're the Astronomy Club.

Mitu 46:16
Perfect. And I thought those interstitials were so good that genuinely they could be their own show where we could just watch 10 minute episodes of them in that reality show like six episodes, I would watch that on Netflix.

BJ 46:30
It would be great if they do like a little spin off mini series of just this pretend reality series.

Mitu 46:36
Just like that reality show that BJ and I were obsessed with marching orders, which was like 12 minute episodes. They could do the same thing of 12 minute episodes six episode season of just them in that house because I my biggest laughs I think we're from the interactions in the home.

BJ 46:51
Yeah, those are my favorite moments. The little one liners and the confessionals. You know, I'm with Monique, I would make it a competition

Mitu 47:00

BJ 47:01
that's how you win

Mitu 47:02
even when there is nothing to win, because there's something to win always

BJ 47:07
like less than you guys. So Mitu what would you give astronomy club with the sketch show on Netflix?

Mitu 47:13
This is no secret to our listeners. I love a comedy. I love a black comedy. I would watch this again seriously. I would also recommend it to you whether or not you are black. This show is just very funny. I believe it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this recording, it's just very good. If you like comedy, you'll love this.

BJ 47:34
And as some of our longtime listeners know, I don't necessarily gravitate towards comedy. So I'm a little more lukewarm. I will probably watch while doing laundry. Actually, I'll probably watch when Mitu texts me and says this one sketch in this one episode was really funny. And then I'll watch that. Yeah, if you can find a friend like that, That'll make it a lot easier.

Mitu 47:58
Find a me y'all

BJ 48:00
Everyone should have a Mitu

Mitu 48:01
Oh beach everyone should have a bj.

BJ 48:03
Well, we're one of a kind. So that can't happen.

Mitu 48:06
Well, where can people hear more of our one of a kind episodes of the pilot podcast?

BJ 48:12
Sure, we're on all of your favorite podcast platforms, so be sure to subscribe and leave us a rating and review. You can also find all of our latest episodes at And we actually have a new show for 2020 called the pilot podcast deep dive or we're going to do a deep dive into a single series and really give you our full opinion and even more opinions. And you can subscribe to that by going to join.the powered by supporting cast and either sign up as a super TV fan or an ultimate TV fan to get access to that content.

Mitu 48:51
You can also follow us on Twitter and on Instagram as @thepilotpod. You can send thoughts feelings, show recommendations, your favorite shows shows of the six that we reviewed today to Thanks for listening

BJ 49:07

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